LinkedIn, with over 135million members worldwide, is continuously growing a social network and platform. People use LinkedIn mostly because they want increase conversions and leads for their businesses. But not all people can see the great things LinkedIn can do for them and their businesses so I decided to write down the top reasons why you should consider using LinkedIn to increase your conversions and create inbound leads.

linkedin for business and lead generation

  1. Attract Very Specific People LinkedIn is a very targeted network so it is a very good platform to attract very specific people for your target market.
  2. Accelerate Go To Market Opportunities – LinkedIn helps in speeding up your go to market opportunities. What may take a company 6 months to launch an engagement can be lessen down up to 2 months or less.
  3. Generate New Leads and Fill Pipelines
  4. Shorter Sales Cycles
  5. Larger Per Deal Purchases
  6. Longer Client Lifecycles – Clients will stay with you longer because they know you are an ‘Authority’ in your field of business or work. LinkedIn creates a solid credibility when used properly.
  7. Get Found, Get Deals – Getting found by people is a close step to getting deals. This means the more exposure you and your business have, the more chances people will notice you or your business. And thus, the possibility of these people buying your product is increased.
  8. Create Inbound Leads Consistently – Using LinkedIn for creating a drift marketing plan. This will help you create more consistent inbound leads by attracting potential customers to return to your company.
  9. Create a Targeted Tribe/Online Communities
  10. Maintain “Top of Mind Awareness”
  11. Establish Cutting Edge Social Strategies – This gives you a thought leadership amongst your peers.

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