One trend that’s really hot right now is optimizing your profile around a particular keyword you want to get found by. For example, if you’re a tax consultant, you’d want to optimize your profile so that when people search for “tax consultant,” your profile is first – or at least on the first page. In this video below, Nate walks you through exactly how to use LinkedIn keyword optimization to accomplish this.


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Please leave a comment below and tell me specifically… 1) How quickly did you get your profile to rank for your keyword? 2) How will this help you meet your business or career objectives? 3) Any other remarks that you feel would benefit the Linkedin community.

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  1. Beth says:

    What does your company charge for a LinkedIn profile overhaul?

  2. Andrew says:

    I never intended it but am no1 and “Feeling Lucky” search for “Informix 4gl developer uk” (or who is the best informix developer in the uk ;). Sadly this just represents how little my skill set is used anymore! But its funny.

    Found this page as want to add the key word “world” to my profile so show up first for “who is the best informix developer in the world” haha. Considering I’m leaving this skill behind to move into Oracle it doesn’t mean much .

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  5. Thank-you Nate, this video was very helpful :) Natacha

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