Knowing who’s viewed your profile is one of the best ways to measure how you are doing on LinkedIn. This following video shows you how to know who is viewing your profile. If you are interested in learning more about how to get the most out of LinkedIn, please check out our free training’s.

The following is taking from LinkedIn’s site, but many people don’t know and it’s quite hard to find:

Who Has Viewed My Profile

What is the ‘Who has viewed my profile’ module?

This is a list of the people who’ve recently viewed your profile. Many times instead of seeing exactly who viewed your profile, you’ll see anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title. As a profile owner it is understandable that you would want to see exactly who has viewed your profile. However, as a profile viewer you may want your privacy protected. To respect your need for privacy, you can control what is shown to other LinkedIn users whose profile you have viewed by taking the following steps:

1. Click on ‘Accounts & Settings’ link found in upper right area of home page.
2. Click on ‘Profile Views’.
3. Select one of the following:

1. Show my name and headline.
2. Only show users my anonymous profile characteristics (default setting).
3. Don’t show users that I’ve viewed their profile.

Sometimes an anonymous viewer will show only as a position and company name while others display with the viewer’s job function and the industry and location they are in. This is because we may have to modify the verbiage to maintain the anonymity requested by the viewer (e.g., we don’t want to display that the viewer was a ‘Vice President at company XYZ’ if that company only has 1 or 2 Vice Presidents). Clicking on viewer names or descriptions will take you to a People Search results page showing all members that meet that specific criterion.

You may notice variations in the time frames. One day it might say ‘you have been viewed 10 times in 15 days’ and then another it switches to ‘you have been viewed 7 times in 8 days’. This is because the timeframe changes dynamically as people view your profile. The module tries to get a minimum of 5 views over any timeframe and so based on profile view activity it will change. Members may not see the module if no one has viewed their profile.

A subscription upgrade from a free account might allow you to receive a greater number of results for ‘Who’s Viewed My Profile’ (if there are additional viewers). However, you will not receive more in-depth information about the viewers if they have chosen to hide their identity in their privacy settings.
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72 Responses to “LinkedIn: Do you know who is Viewing Your Profile?”

  • Wendy says:

    I would like to know the answer to Laura's question if anyone knows? If I look at someone's profile, and then change the setting to be private, would they see it was me looking when they log in later because the change hadn't occurred yet or would the change become effective as soon as I make it and therefore affect previous views as well? Please let me know, thanks!

  • Craig says:

    If someone: 1. views your profile in Google cache; or 2. clicks on your "see more" or "shared connections" on the 'People you Might Know' page without viewing your complete profile - Will this count as someone "viewing" your profile?

  • Talatu umar says:


  • Talatu umar says:

    Thanks am waiting

  • Nate Kievman says:

    My understanding is it will not count as a view unless they visit your profile while logged into linkedin. nate

  • Nate Kievman says:

    As soon as you make a change, that is what will show up on a persons "Who's viewed my profile". so if it was off when you looked, and you turn it back on the next day... if that person you viewed views the "Who's viewed my profile" section after you switch, they would see you with your current settings. At least that's my understanding. nate

  • Lana says:

    Question: I know this may be a stupid question but... So do you have to have an existing account(I do not have one currently)on Linked In for the other person to know you have visited their profile page? I only ask this because I was looking at a potential doctor's profile for his credentials and schooling background, but I don't necessarily want him knowing that I did so.

  • Rachel says:

    Hi Nate, is there any way to block unwanted viewers who repeatedly view your Linkedin profile? Thanks!

  • Thanks Nate. Very informative and, of course, useful. Douglas

  • Debbie says:

    I am absolutely convinced that when I use the 'Network' feature on LinkedIn and scroll through the list of my connections, that this then appears to my connections as though I have viewed their profile, even though I haven't clicked through on to their profile. Can anyone confirm this for me? I am sure that everytime I do this, it just so happens that those very same connections will have looked at my profile the next day. Maybe I'm just popular. Or maybe LinkedIn is too creepy...

  • Nate Kievman says:

    Hi Rachel, as far as I know, this is not an option yet, but likely will become one.

  • Nate Kievman says:

    unless you are logged into your account, you wouldn't show up on who's viewed your profile section.

  • Miguel says:

    hello, i would like to know that if i search someone while i am logged in linkedin profile, but do not click on their profiles, can they see that i search them? thanks..

  • cheri says:

    can you tell when someone has viewed your profile at what time they have viewed your profile and if they do so more than once, it appears to only show once.

  • Kaye says:

    I viewed a profile then deleted my account. Will I show up as viewing their site still?

  • Baharak says:

    In my linkdin I so now have an option if choosing or viewing Who has looked / views my profile ? Any suggestion ?

  • Liz says:

    If I created a profile could someone who is not on Linked view it? If so, would I be able to see what address the computer they viewed it from is?

  • Mustangs says:

    If someone sends a friend request and views your profile at the same time does it still show they have viewed your profile also?

  • suzanne says:

    Does anyone know if you’ve viewed someone’s profile and then change your privacy setting to anonymous afterwards, if that person will be able to see that you viewed their profile or if your settings will reflect your past profile viewing? Also when you search a name but don't click on full profile would that count as viewing profile?

  • Mike says:

    A legal investigator viewed my profile annominosouly and it's got me a bit concerned on who it was and why they were stalking me...does anyone know how I can find out who this was at the very least and possibly why they were or are stalking me? Thanks

  • James says:

    When it shows 6 people from a certain company has view your profile is this in the last 90 days or for all time I have been on LinkedIn Just wanted to know as my profile shows 6 people from my company have view it how do I know if this is recent or from months ago

  • Dee says:

    Nate, I don't want my name showing up on someone else's profile under "People also viewed" do I remove my name?