About Linked Strategies

The Linked Strategies Group was founded by Nathan Kievman, CEO and has consulted with and provided LinkedIn® Strategies to Fortune 500 companies, mid to small businesses, INC 500 companies and many international thought leaders and speakers. Generating more than $9 Million of revenue for its clients over the past two years through LinkedIn® Strategies, The Linked Strategies Group is second to none in producing real life business results for its clients.

Linked Strategies offers educates and teaches about LinkedIn® best practices, strategies and tactics. Additionally, the company offers advanced done for you services and onsite trainings for everyone from independent professionals to large multinational organizations. The Linked Strategies Group provides cutting edge social media and LinkedIn marketing tactics to help clients generate leads, grow a massive network, become an authority, build wave after wave of traffic and create massive profits.


About Nathan Kievman

Nathan KievmanNathan Kievman is a highly sought after Digital Strategist, Speaker & Social Media Consultant & Trainer. With a heavy focus on LinkedIn® and B2B social media initiatives. He uniquely bridges Business Strategy, Targeted Objectives and ROI with Social Media, Digital Media and Traditional Marketing Initiatives.

Mr. Kievman is also the Executive Editor of LI & Business, now with more than 14.5 Million subscribers and considered one of the leading authorities on Social Media and LinkedIn®, having generated more than $9 Million dollars in money and value for his clients over the past several years specifically through LinkedIn®. With a robust following as the owner of the number one LinkedIn® Strategies Group on LinkedIn® while having taught more than 35,000 people how to master the platform. He has authored three books on the topic, including the currently available, LinkedIn® Mastery: An All Inclusive Guide to Mastering LinkedIn®. Additionally, he is an international speaker and has presented as the keynote speaker on Social Media Strategy for the National Speakers Association winter meetings in 2011.

He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, INC 500 companies, well known business leaders, and many small to mid-sized businesses.

Mr. Kievman holds two masters degrees in Business and in Sports Administration from the highly acclaimed sports program at Ohio University. He is married to his beautiful wife Leah and has three vibrant children. He currently resides in Cleveland/Akron area of Ohio.

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