We help our clients realize their mission and purpose faster than ever thought possible which allows us to help make our world a better place one company at a time.

Our Story

In 2010, Linked Strategies was part of a larger Digital Agency that focused on social media marketing for large and small brands in the B2B space.

After a few years of reviewing results, we found that 90%+ of the results for our clients came from LinkedIn and Email Marketing.

The glaring contrast was that 90% of the budget was spent on content marketing and other social initiatives.

So in 2013 we began to focus exclusively on delivering results for our clients focusing exclusively on LinkedIn combined with Email Marketing. We consider this combination the most effective, scalable, executive B2B Lead Generation model in the world today.

Today, with the addition of our new President, Michael Wadden, we have narrowed our focus to exclusively serving conscious and transformational organizations that are making a positive difference in the world.

The Team


Nathan Kievman – Founder and CEO

Nathan is a highly sought after digital strategist and considered one of the top LinkedIn / Email marketing experts globally. Nathan is the founder and CEO of Linked Strategies responsible for overall company direction. He is a Conscious Business leader focused on supporting the growth of companies who are making our world a better place. Nathan is an avid sports fanatic with a degree in Sports Marketing so when he is not working you will find him coaching on the baseball fields with his kids or spending time with his wife Leah.t

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Michael Wadden – President

Michael has spent a majority of his career expanding businesses globally and is a leader of the Conscious Business movement. Prior to his current role as President of Linked Strategies, Michael helped expand Accenture from the market leader inpure consulting services into a consulting plus digital services firm by executing and leading several acquisitions that later became Accenture Digital. Michael is a student and practitioner of mindfulness so when he is not working he is usually at Yoga, reading, or spending time with his two boys. His latest adventure is learning how to Kite Surf!

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Sarah Darlington – Vice President of Client Services

Sarah has been involved in building and growing several digital businesses throughout her 25-year career. Sarah has responsibility for overall customer success of our clients. Sarah’s unique ability to engage, build trust and achieve goals is a great asset to clients. Her corporate and business owner background gives an all-round perspective on challenges organizations face daily. Sarah holds up the company’s purpose when interacting with clients, which is to accelerate positive change in the world by helping our clients generate over 10 Million purpose-based relationships. When not working, Sarah can be foundgolfing, cooking and travelling with her son who is a nationally ranked teenage paintball player!

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Tushar-LinkedIn Pic

Tushar Mathur – Director of Technology

Tushar has a diverse experience of 16 years managing people and projects involving highly engineered systems in multiple industries. Tushar has responsibility to ensure technology delivers and is optimized to support the development, growth and results delivery for client accounts. Tushar holds up the company’s purpose when interacting with clients, which is to accelerate positive change in the world by helping our clients generate over 10 Million purpose-based relationships. Tushar lives in Atlanta with his wife and 2 children and enjoys cooking, swimming and travel.

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Our Credentials

Some of Linked Strategies many accomplishments include:


Generated over 8,000 executive meetings last year for our clients


Served more than 300 companies and thousands of individuals on how to acquire new business on LinkedIn® or from email marketing strategies.

Founded the largest LinkedIn® Strategies group on LinkedIn® (57,000+ members)


Helped clients earn more than $300M using Linked Strategies Platform and methodologies.


Trained more than 100,000 people and hundreds of companies how to use LinkedIn®


Consulted and trained Fortune 500, Inc. 500 and hundreds of SMB’s